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Automatic AI Insights That Transform Your Sales Growth

Discover more customers, generate market insights, and improve team productivity,
all in one sales intelligence platform.

Trusted by over 1,500 customers across Ireland and the UK 

Find new sales opportunities in minutes, not months

Get insights, sales intelligence, and opportunities catered to you

SalesSight AI is a cutting-edge analytics platform designed to enable everyone—from executives to sales teams—to discover new market opportunities, gain instant insights, and make data-driven decisions to boost sales.

Our user-friendly dashboard is easy for anyone to use, and scaleable in order to handle even the most complex data environments.

No more sales guesswork – just data driven insights

Other data analytics tools show you what,
SalesSight AI tells you what, why, where and how.

Don’t settle for generic data visualizations. SalesSight AI’s advanced algorithm delivers real-time stats and sales opportunities tailored specifically to you and your business. Easily import any type of data and let SalesSight AI do the rest.

No coding or complications—just beautiful, easy-to-understand analytics designed to work for you and your sales pipeline.

SalesSight AI is Ireland’s Leading Sales Intelligence Platform

Integrate all data types seamlessly for clean, powerful workflows.

  • No coding or complicated setup required.
  • Recieve flexible, secure, reusable sales dashboards, your way.
  • Trusted information and real-time insights.
  • Can be integrated with the Sunstone database to display financial data and sales forecasts
  • Customise your dashboard with your unique KPIs and attributes

From sales to insights to financials — all in one analytics platform

  • Enterprise-grade data governance, and compliance built for the cloud.
  • Quantify sales and marketing impacts
  • Discover predictive insights and forecasts in high-potential sales areas
  • Visualise opportunities and relative contact information
  • No more inconsistency or old data. Centralised up-to-date, accurate contacts.

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