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If you’re ready to start exploring the world of creative data analytics and AI technology, we’d like to say “welcome home”.

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Always on the path to innovation, Sunstone seeks talented individuals eager to make a significant impact in data science through AI technologies. Join us in helping to create modern data solutions across industries—empowering businesses to explore the transformative power of high-quality data.

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All positions have been filled at this time, keep posted and check back again later for any newly opened positions!

What makes a Sunstone team member

At Sunstone, each of our guiding principles and values contribute to our greater purpose: empowering businesses through creative data solutions and the exploration of cutting-edge technology. 

Be Genuine

We believe in keeping it real—whether we’re diving into data, brainstorming in the office, or presenting to a client. No confusing data jargon, no extra fluff, just authentic Sunstone. We’re not here to confuse people, we’re here to help others learn about how they can make data work for them, plain and simple. 

Stay Curious

At Sunstone, curiosity is a fundamental value. It’s what drives us to constantly question the status quo and seek deeper insights within the data landscape. A little curiousity goes a long way to help us create innovative solutions that challenge conventional approaches and deliver meaningful results to our clients.

Treat Others How You'd Want to be Treated

At Sunstone, we live by the golden rule: “Treat others how you’d want to be treated.” This guiding principle shapes how we interact with both teammates and clients, creating a respectful and considerate environment. We strive to listen as much as we speak, approach every challenge with fairness, and extend courtesy and understanding in all our dealings.


Innovation allows us to encourage a culture where creative thinking is prioritised to solve complex data challenges. Our commitment to innovation not only fuels the development of cutting-edge data solutions but also ensures that our approaches remain modern, adaptable, and forward-looking. 

Transparent and Honest

Our team members prioritise clear communication and openness about our processes, successes, and challenges in order to foster trust and integrity across all aspects of our business. We do this to help ensure that our partners and customers have a clear understanding of what to expect and how we operate, reinforcing our reliability to create long-lasting relationships.

Kind Hearted-ness

Having a kind heart is more than just being nice; it’s about fostering a supportive atmosphere where everyone can thrive, no matter their experience. We approach each project with empathy, listen actively to our clients’ needs, and consider the human impact of our work. We encourage genuine connections, solving problems with compassion, and ensuring that our data solutions help to enhance lives, not just bottom lines.

Help Make the World a Better Place

We’re dedicated to improving businesses through sustainable technology solutions that not only enhance efficiency but also respect the environment we live in. Beyond our tech, we actively engage in community initiatives, to contribute and empower the people around us. Our commitment drives us to innovate responsibly and ensure that our impact extends beyond industry success. 

Sunstone Perks and Benefits

  • Empowered Creativity
    We encourage our team members to experiment with new solutions and approaches, reward innovative thinking, and value diverse perspectives. 

  • Work Life Balance
    We understand and value each other’s personal lives outside of work, so we incorperate a hybrid work model. No need to choose between coming in to the office and missing the important things in life. 

  • Continuous Learning
    We fully support and encourage our employees on their quests for knowledge and self-improvement. If an employee is driven to explore new skills, concepts, or advancements in their field, Sunstone commits to providing the necessary resources, time, and opportunities to facilitate their growth.

  • Offsite Excursions
    We work hard and play hard. Our offsite excursions include a variety of group activities that range from adrenaline-pumping axe throwing to enjoyable meals at local restaurants, and participation in community events. These outings are designed to foster team bonding, relieve stress, and encourage a fun and engaging work environment.

  • Friday Coffees
    “Friday Coffee” is a weekly tradition where the team comes together to enjoy speciality coffee from a local shop and play a game of Heardle. Friday Coffee isn’t just about sipping coffee in the break room; it’s a time to relax, connect with colleagues on a personal level, and end the week on a high note.

What we do

Sunstone specializes in providing high-quality data solutions that enable businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their operations. With a focus on actionable insights and cutting-edge technology, we help companies harness the full potential of their data to drive growth and innovation across Ireland and the UK. 

Our main location

24-26 Bridge Street,
Ringsend, Ireland
D04 P627

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