Data Matching

Eliminate duplicate data with smart matching.

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What is Data Matching?

The impacts of duplicate data

Maintaining high quality data becomes increasingly difficult as data gets stored and collected from a variety of sources across different platforms. 

Having duplicate data can harm efficiency, hinder accuracy, and waste resources.

We use an advanced AI technology to conduct our data matching services to consistently identify duplicates in data, regardless of source or format.

database services that bill moss data provides for clients in Ireland and the UK
database services that bill moss data provides for clients in Ireland and the UK

Maximize Efficiency 

Save time and optimise data quality

Our data matching services are designed to streamline your data management processes and save you time.

By identifying and resolving duplicates, inconsistencies, and errors in your datasets, we help you achieve a higher level of data quality.

With clean, accurate data, your team can work smarter, avoiding tedious data handling and resource waste.

Benefits of Data Matching 

Unlock the business benefits of data matching

Duplicate data manifests as unhappy customers, high-friction business processes, inaccurate analytics and high carrying costs.

Here’s how data matching can help to improve your data quality and overall strategy:

Improved Data Accuracy

Data matching helps identify and resolve duplicates and inconsistencies in your datasets, ensuring that your data is accurate and reliable. 

Operational Efficiency

Reduces the need for manual data correction needed in order to streamline any data processes and reduce the risk of errors.

Enhanced Insights

With clear, accurate data across multiple datasets, you can gain insights into trends and behavior for personalized marketing. 

Cost Savings

Prevent wasted marketing efforts by reducing mailing and shipping costs, minimizing customer support inquiries related to incorrect data. 

Improve match rates to optimise efficiency and become a data-driven business.

Utilise advanced AI technologies

Our data matching service uses a unique, powerful AI engine combined with predictive technology. Our unique data-matching process will help you achieve improved match rates and higher-quality matches every time.

Ensure compliance with GDPR guidelines

Bring all of your data together across multiple sources in a privacy-compliant manner. Incorporate different identifiers and perform matches at various levels to ensure total compliance with GDPR rules and regulations. 

Improve targeting capabilities

Data matching helps keep your sales and marketing accurate and organised. By establishing a single view of your customer, your business can better target marketing campaigns to specific demographics. 

Why Sunstone? 

Our data matching expertise

With over 40 years of development and customer expertise, Sunstone’s data services remains at the forefront of quality in Ireland.

Our meticulously crafted engine offers flexibility and scalability, enabling businesses to seamlessly match records from enterprise systems, empowering you to make informed decisions swiftly and efficiently.

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